Discover beauty in our blow dry and makeup bar! Vanity Blowout and Makeup Bar is a highly modern full service salon offering you a wide variety of beauty services. Our Vanity Team consists of prestigious stylists, highly experienced makeup artists, which are dedicated to providing customers with one of a kind high quality experience.

Our mission is to make your visit a one of a kind experience, allowing our professional team to pamper you so you may walk out of our salon looking radiant and beautiful each and every time!!!


Meet the Owner | Master Stylist | Hilda Pantoja

Hilda Pantoja opened up the doors to Vanity Blowout and Makeup Bar on October 15, 2015. Hilda has been in the hair industry for over 35 years and her love and passion for hair continues to be like day one. 

The idea of opening up the first blowout and makeup bar in the city of Downey began in 2013. Hilda began writing, designing and researching every detail needed to make her dream a reality. Hilda noticed there was a need in Downey where ladies can walk in and get a blowout and make up in the same place and embark on their busy day.

Every single detail from the salons color to the full blow dry experience, or full service experience was thought out thoroughly and strategically to create a relaxing, fun and welcoming environment. Hilda's ultimate goal is for every individual that walks in to the salon to have an unforgettable experience.

You deserve it!

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing the enthusiasm and faith in ourselves
— Hilda Pantoja